Evaluation mode

In evaluation mode, Rummage will:

  • Insert code into your program that will cause it to display a message which informs the user that the program was obfuscated using an evaluation version of Rummage.
  • This message appears the first time the program is run, and then does not appear for one week. This gives you, the developer, the opportunity to verify that the obfuscated program works correctly, without any interference.
  • After the first week, the message appears every time the program is run.
  • The 1-week timer can be reset by using Rummage on any program.

See also the full evaluation license terms.

Evaluation message

Do you get the following message unexpectedly, when your computer boots?

This program has been protected with an evaluation version of Rummage. This binary must not be distributed externally.

Please see here for further information.