Tie your code into knots and make the hackers cry.

Rummage obfuscates your .NET programs to prevent decompilation, re-use, stealing and hacking. Software pirates are losing you sales. Rummage’s obfuscations are sophisticated and irreversible — not merely designed to crash just some of the most popular decompilers.

Rummage works safely out of the box. No need to sift through long lists of types and methods and make advanced decisions about each one. Rummage will analyze how your binary uses each and every type and member, and automatically determine which aspects are safe to obfuscate.

Rummage is open and honest. Don't worry about sensitive detail left unencrypted in your software. Rummage gives you a detailed yet easy to read list of things left in the program. Why wasn’t this class name obfuscated? Rummage will tell you in detail. Rummage lists everything it does, everything it doesn’t do, and why.




Customer Testimonies

Rummage is exactly what I was looking for in an obfuscator. Simple to use, but its features are as powerful as any other obfuscator. You can tell that the designers of this tool really put the developer in mind when creating this application, and I don't know what I would do without this tool as a build step in my projects.

Caelan Sayler, Caesa Consulting

This is a fantastic tool. I have yet to find a de-obfuscator that can outsmart Rummage. I wouldn't think twice about using Rummage to obfuscate my program. Keep up the fantastic work :P

Brandon Kiers

I find the Rummage UI a pleasant program to work with. It's not cluttered, it's very keyboard friendly, and it's easy to find the information I need.

Richard Moss, Cyotek

Really a good Product!! Be proud!!

Camilo Perez

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