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We offer two types of licenses to suit your needs. Both licenses allow only the named individual or company to release products protected with Rummage.

Personal License

  • For products offered by an individual (not a group or a company)
  • Any number of products offered by the licensee may be protected.

Company License

  • For products offered by a company or a group.
  • Any number of products offered by the licensee may be protected.




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Buy now

Note: prices and conditions are subject to change without notice.

30 days money back guarantee

Buy Rummage risk-free with our 30 days money back guarantee. Get your money back if you change your mind, as long as you haven’t published any products protected with Rummage.

Fair license upgrades

If your requirements change and you need to change your license type, you just pay the price difference between your current license and the one you are switching to. See upgrading your license.

Major updates

Whenever we make a major new release of Rummage, you will get it for free for the first two years after your purchase.


Currently we offer the same level of support regardless of whether you own a full license or how long it has been since you purchased it. This may change in the future, or it might not. If it does change, you are still covered for as long as you are entitled to free updates.