Rummage Link Discount

If you wish, you may choose to place a link to Rummage in your product’s About box and on your website. We will give you a discount in return. You will always have the option to remove this requirement via our fair license upgrade.

The exact requirements are detailed in your license agreement, and are reproduced here:

  • You must place the text “This product is protected with Rummage” and link the user to in your “About” dialog box, “Credits” section or a similar, reasonably accessible location in your product.
  • Either the whole text, or just the word Rummage, may be clickable, opening the specified link in the browser. Alternatively, the full URL may be displayed, in which case it must be possible to select it and use Copy & Paste.
  • The text “This product is obfuscated with Rummage” must appear on the primary product website; the words “obfuscated with Rummage” must be a link to the URL specified above.
  • If your license allows you to protect multiple products, the above requirements apply to every product protected with Rummage.